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If you're frustrated trying to understand the confusing landscape of multifamily real estate investment, but you don't want to invest tens of thousands of dollars on a "coach" to help you figure it out, this could be the solution you've been waiting for . . .

Multifamily Launchpad is a revolutionary concept in real estate education.

It’s not just a course, a program, or “mentoring.”

It’s a complete learning community.

Led personally by Jonathan Twombly, who used investor money to build a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio from zero to 404 units, worth over $17,000,000, in just 11 months. And recently sold it for $25,500,000, netting his investors returns of over 20% a year!

With resourcestools, and ongoing support to help get you through your first deal.  And beyond that . . .

Here’s what you get inside:

First, you get instant access to my complete multifamily real estate investment educational program. 

  • Find the best investment markets, using hard data. (Stop picking markets using unreliable “top-ten” lists and tips from uninformed amateur investors.)

  • Get the best multifamily deals, even if you're new. (Avoid the junk deals brokers usually give new investors and get their best deals on Day 1.)

  • Get paid by investors to invest their money in your deals. Replace your income quickly and leave the rat race behind.

  • Spot red flags fast. (Stop wasting time on deals that lose you money.)

  • Do professional financial analysis - even if you hate math and spreadsheets scare you.

  • Analyze deals right - so you never offer too much for a property.

  • Do reliable due diligence before you close. (Never get stuck with a money-losing nightmare.)

  • Succeed with lenders, so your deal always qualifies for a commercial mortgage.

  • Know how much equity you really need to close. (And ensure that you can always get it.)

  • Structure deals with investors (a/k/a “syndication”) the right way.  (Protect yourself from the SEC and serve your investors fairly.)

  • Select the best property managers. (Ensure the great deal you bought stays a great deal while you own it.)

  • Confidently oversee managers from a distance. (Invest safely in faraway markets, knowing your property is in good hands, so your investing is no longer limited by where you live.)

  • Scale your investment business. (Grow an empire that won't just replace your job income, but will also create wealth to pass to your children. Give your kids and grandkids a head-start in life.)

Second, not only do you learn all of these skills and methodologies, but Multifamily Launchpad is specifically designed to:

  • Simplify multifamily investing, to eliminate your information overload

  • Overcome your analysis paralysis, by making you take concrete action

  • Supercharge your confidence, by giving you the skills and methods professional investors use to invest in real estate

  • Help you develop the right mindset, by surrounding you with a supportive community of investors who have been there before

  • Teach you to find, analyze, and fund deals like a pro, so you can replace your job income fast

  • Give you regular interaction with me, so your questions about the course material and multifamily investing in general are answered to your satisfaction

  • Support you through the tough times, by providing a network of experienced investors who can help you when you hit roadblocks

  • Make you a better investor, through monthly content updates on the state of the markets, the newest investment knowledge, new things I'm experiencing, and interviews with the best minds in the business

And, third, Multifamily Launchpad isn’t just the best education in real estate investing you'll ever get (at the lowest price you'll most likely ever find), it's also:

  • A full community of investors, who are there to support you, encourage you, and provide connections when times get tough

  • An ever-growing library of multifamily investment know-how, adding new content month after month to help you get better and better as an investor

  • An instructor-led community, where you have direct access to me - not some “coach” you’ve never heard of before - through our Facebook group and live monthly Q&A calls

What else do you get?

In addition to everything above, here’s what else you get with Multifamily Launchpad:

  • Monthly live Q&A sessions, where I answer all your questions personally.

  • Hours and hours of easy-to-understand videos, without jargon and real estate mumbo-jumbo.

  • Checklists that ensure you'll never miss an important step on a deal.

  • My easy-to-use underwriting tool, which provides professional-level analysis without you needing to be good at math or understand spreadsheets.

  • Model marketing materials, to help you market yourself to top brokers and potential investors, and to sell your deals to investors.

  • Sample legal documents like letters of intent, purchase and sale agreements, and syndication documents.

  • Access to a real “deal room,” showing you exactly what information I give investors in an actual deal.

  • An “open kimono” discussion of all my mistakes and missteps, so you don’t have to repeat them.

  • private Facebook community where you can network with me and your fellow students.

  • Monthly content updates on important topics in real estate investing, market changes, new things I am learning on my own deals, case studies, interviews with top professionals in the field, and much more.

  • Opportunities for “member discounts” for any in-person events I host.

  • Access to all future program upgrades - and your monthly membership investment will never go up.

All included in your basic membership.

All at an incredible price only for waitlist members. So join the waitlist now! Just enter your email address below.

My Revolutionary Goal:
Make The Best Real Estate Education 
Affordable To Everyone

Given everything you get in Multifamily Launchpad, I wouldn't blame you for assuming it's an expensive program. After all, real estate gurus are famous for charging $20,000, $30,000 and even $40,000 or more. 
When I offer my small-group coaching program, it cost students $4,997 each to join.

Even though my program is a huge value compared to the gurus, that $4,997 price still means not everyone can afford them.

And that creates a different problem.  Working with just a few students isn't enough for me to fulfill my life's mission:

To bring the best real estate investment education 
to as many people as possible.

New investors have so few good options open to them. Either they try to piece together an investment strategy from books and podcasts - trying to make sense of bad, and sometimes directly conflicting information. That just leads to

Overwhelm, confusion, and burnout.

Or, they have to fork over thousands of dollars for unproven investment programs on the strength of a free seminar. Or worse - a high-pressure sales call. That's

Way too risky!

When I launched my original programs, my goal was to provide the best information in a clear, easily understood way. And to make it available at a reasonable price.

But I realized that even at prices far lower than what the gurus offered, my programs were still beyond the reach of most new investors.

I wanted to bring the best real estate education to them, too.

To fulfill this mission, I'd have to do something very difficult.  I'd have to figure out how to:

  • Lower the price of my program enough to make it affordable to almost everyone.
  • Give you direct access to me to answer your questions.
  • Maintain the same high quality of education I always provide my students.

I'd have to revolutionize the way real estate education is delivered.  Do something that's never been done in this industry before.

So that's exactly what I did.

I created a monthly membership program called Multifamily Launchpad, which:

  • Reduces the price to something nearly everyone can afford.
  • Gives you direct access to me through our community Facebook group, live monthly Q&A calls, monthly video updates responding to your questions, and my interviews with top experts in the field.
  • Provides you all my proven teaching materials. All my checklists. All my tools. All the content my private students get. Nothing is held back.

Offering you my programs through a membership site means I can help more people at once.  And that allows me to provide you my help at a very reasonable price.**

And what's the best part for you about me putting my programs into a membership community?

Well, for one, there's no up-front commitment of $5,000 or $10,000 or $40,000 before you even know if the program is any good.

For another, you can join the community for as long as you need. As long it takes to go through the materials and understand them fully. Or until you close your first deal with the help of me and the community. Or until you've scaled your business into a full-fledged real estate empire. Or for life, because you get so much value from being part of the community.

And, because it's a monthly membership program, there's no hassle if you ever want to leave.

(Though, given the amazing community and the reference library we're adding to each and every month, I can't imagine why you ever would . . .)

(**My personal attention and direct coaching on actual deals are still available for an additional charge. But remember: my higher-priced programs provide extra personal help, not more content. Unlike the gurus, I don't hold back the "good stuff" only for higher-paying students.)

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Your Chance To Become
A Multifamily Launchpad Member
Before The Price Goes Up

You can see that Multifamily Launchpad is an incredibly valuable asset if you're trying to break into the field of multifamily real estate investment.

Now, let me be very honest with you:  there are no “get rich quick” secrets in real estate investing. No matter what the gurus tell you.

Like most things worth doing, real estate investing is only done well with experience

And there are only two ways you can get experience.

Option one. You can learn through trial and error, make costly mistakes, and "buy" experience that way.

That’s what I did. I paid for my experience with hundreds of thousands of dollars in forgone income. Tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket in “dead deal” costs. Years and years of time learning things through trial and error. Countless stressful days and sleepless nights.

Or, there’s option two. You can learn from someone else’s experience instead. By doing so, you can dramatically increase your knowledge, while dramatically decreasing the cost and effort of getting it.

To help you do that, I’ve condensed all my learning, knowledge, and experience into a one-stop shop. I’ve made it possible to shorten your learning curve, accelerate your progress, and avoid costly rookie mistakes. Because everything you need to be a successful investor is right there for you.

Membership in Multifamily Launchpad will not only save you time and frustration. It will save you money. Perhaps tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in avoided mistakes and dead-ends.

Up until now, there was only one way to get all the valuable resources inside Multifamily Launchpad.  

You could join my live online small-group mentoring program.

At a cost of $4,997 per person.

But, right now, you have a limited opportunity to join Multifamily Launchpad as a Member at the special waitlist-only pricing, and keep it for life.

That's right. By joining the waitlist today, you have the chance to become a Multifamily Launchpad Member at a special low price. And to be locked into this low price for as long as you're a member. But you must join the waitlist to learn of this special offer when it becomes available in Spring 2021!

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The window for new memberships opens in Spring 2021.  Memberships will be available for fast-action takers, but only if you join the waiting list now.

There's Only One Chance To Get The Special Waitlist-Only Pricing. 
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There will be one - and only one - opportunity to get the special waitlist-only pricing.

You won't learn about that opportunity on my podcast. Or in my free Facebook group. Or on my general email list.

You will only be notified of your chance to obtain the special waitlist-only pricing if you join the waitlist.

Don't miss your chance to lock in huge savings! Be sure to join the waitlist now.

Multifamily Launchpad
Defeats Information Overload

Over the years, so many people have come to me overwhelmed, overloaded, and confused.

They are determined to begin investing in multifamily real estate, so they can leave their jobs and live a life of freedom.

They’ve done a very deep dive self-education. They’ve read all the books. Listened to every podcast. Scoured every internet forum. Networked with experienced investors.

Frankly, they know a TON about multifamily real estate investing. That's not their problem.

The problem is that all that information is a big jumble in their heads. They can’t make sense of it.

They have most of the puzzle pieces. But they don’t know how the pieces fit together.

I specifically designed Multifamily Launchpad to help people cut through the noise. To get them to a place where the information makes sense. Where they can stop feeling overwhelmed and confused. And where they can start feeling confident in their investment abilities.

That's why I included:

  • Check-ins and checklists for every step. So you know exactly what you need to be doing at every point along the way.
  • Concrete action steps that force you to move forward.
  • Live Q&A sessions, content updates, and program upgrades designed to fill in the blanks as you go through the course.
  • Real-time support as you confront actual situations from deals you do in the real world.
  • If you feel overwhelmed by all the information out there, Multifamily Launchpad will help you finally understand how it all fits together.

Click the button below to join the waitlist and get started!

Does This Sound Familiar To You?

Back in 2011, I was a lawyer with a big corporate Wall Street law firm.

Oftentimes, during dinner, my wife would say something to me. But I’d be somewhere else. Staring blankly into space. A dark expression overtaking my face. Not even hearing what she was saying.

When it first started, my wife would ask what was wrong. After a while, she no longer had to. She knew I was thinking about work the next day. And dreading it.

I dreaded being at someone’s beck-and-call. Not knowing whether I would be home at 6:00 for dinner. Or whether, at 4:00 pm, someone would call with a project that had to be finished by the next morning.

I dreaded the lack of control over my time and my life.

I dreaded the inability to choose what I was working on.

And I resented the fact that, even though my salary was good, most of my effort was enriching someone else. With no guarantee my hard work would ever pay off for me.

I dreamed investing in real estate could somehow save me from this life. During down moments at work, I would browse real estate websites, looking at triplexes and quads in small towns near New York City. And fantasize about freedom.

But, one day, I actually ran some numbers.

And the numbers told me that triplexes and quads would never set me free.

I assumed I could invest my maximum annual savings, about $50,000 a year. And that I would get a 10% cash flow return each year, and my investments would grow 10% each year. (Pretty aggressive assumptions, I now realize.)

Even at that rate, it would take me more than TEN YEARS just to get to $100,000 in income.

And that’s if nothing went wrong. Nothing major to fix, ever. No recessions causing tenants to lose jobs and not pay rent.

That realization crushed my dream. Because I did not know any other way to invest in real estate, other than using my own money to invest in these small properties.

The Turning Point

Then, a turning point came. I was downsized from my job, because there just wasn’t enough work to justify my high salary.

It was then I met someone who changed my life. My first partner in real estate.

She asked me to join her in a startup investment business. I assumed that we were going to invest in small properties in New York City. Because that's what everyone around me was talking about.

But what she said blew my mind. We were going to use other people’s money to buy 100+ unit apartment complexes in the southern United States.

We would be doing something called “syndication.” And by syndicating deals, we could earn fees and profit shares that would be much, much more than we could ever earn investing our own money in small buildings.

Just a few deals would be enough to provide me with a six-figure income.

But things didn’t exactly go smoothly at first. We found deals and couldn’t close them, even though we had plenty of investor equity lined up and ready to go.

After 18 months of dwindling savings, tens of thousands of dollars of fees and costs down the drain, and disagreements over direction, we decided to break up the partnership.

Determined to make this business work, I formed a new multifamily investment business in 2013, called Two Bridges Asset Management LLC.

Over the next several months, I struggled to get brokers to show me good deals. But at the end of the year, I hit upon a formula that worked and finally got a deal that closed.

Over the course of 2014, I closed four deals for 400 units, worth $17,000,000. (I recently sold these properties for approximately $25,500,000, delivering my investors 20%+ annualized returns.)

That fast success got me a lot of attention. I’ve interviewed on many of the big real estate podcasts, including Bigger Pockets, the Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show with Joe Fairless, Wheelbarrow Profits with Jake & Gino, and many many more.

Now I host my own real estate podcast, Real Estate Launchpad.

And my Facebook group, Multifamily Investment Community, with nearly 8,000 members, is one of the biggest (and some say the best) real estate investment groups on Facebook.

When I am not overseeing my real estate deals, hosting my podcast, teaching students, or giving investing advice on Facebook, I’m hanging out with my family here in Brooklyn.

If you join me in this investment journey, I promise one thing. I will never sugarcoat this business or make it sound easier than it is.

The rewards are there for those who are willing to put in the work. My job is to give you the best education, show you where the pitfalls are so you can avoid them, and accelerate your learning process as much as I possibly can.

The rest is up to you. And I know you have it in you to succeed.

Passing My Experience Onto You

Choosing markets, understanding deals, performing due diligence, running a syndication with investor money, managing managers - these were all things I had to learn when I got into this business.

There were some real estate gurus around in those days. And I used their materials. But usually they were very surface-level. They left more questions open than they answered.

I'm talking about their paid materials. Their signature programs. Not their free seminars and articles.

To get the good stuff, you had to pay even more. Usually something like $25,000 or $40,000 a year!

I thought that was crazy. Everyone should get the good stuff, even if they can’t pay that kind of money. So I made a decision that, one day, I was going to offer instruction that was higher-quality and lower-priced than the gurus.

Now, after all these years in real estate investing, I have gained the knowledge, experience, and wisdom to guide others who want to break into this business. And do it the right way from the start.

Without the time-consuming, money-wasting rookie errors I made along the way that slowed my progress.

Errors that would have been avoidable if I’d only known to look out for them. But none of these pitfalls were ever addressed in any real estate book or guru program I found.

To help you accelerate your progress towards freedom through real estate, I created the Multifamily Launchpad community. It boils down all my experience, all my methods, all the wisdom-creating mistakes I made, so you can get your real estate investing business off the ground fast. And right.

A Membership Program Alone Isn't Enough For You To Succeed,
So I Created An Entire Multifamily Investors' Community

There's no way a mere course alone could possibly cover everything you need to know about multifamily investing.

After all, every deal has different issues. Unexpected things come up. And the market is constantly changing.

So, I don’t just stop with a course. Multifamily Launchpad is supported by regular live Q&A sessions with me. And it’s followed up with monthly content updates. It comes with an engaged community of fellow investors who are also learning and contributing to the community’s knowledge. And, in our private Facebook group, you can ask me questions and get quick answers on practically a daily basis. (It's almost like having a personal mentor, but at a fraction of the cost of the typical guru "mentoring" programs.)

The best part is that you can stay in the community for as long as you need to make your goals a reality.
Whether that’s just long enough to get your first deal done. Or for a lifetime. 

Because Multifamily Launchpad will become your indispensable network, support system, and reference library as your grow your real estate empire.

Did you know...?

Millions of people around the country have money to invest in real estate but lack the knowledge and time to do it?

Those investors are more than happy to pay someone with real estate investing knowledge and experience to invest their money for them and oversee the properties.

You could be that person . . . if you acquired the knowledge and skills of multifamily real estate syndication - the fastest and best way to replace even a six-figure job salary in the real estate field . . . and build your wealth and net worth in the process.

All the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in this business are right here, in Multifamily Launchpad.

Taught by an experienced investor who’s seen it all - tough times, good times, rookie mistakes, bad managers, great managers, near-disaster deals and investments that practically mint money.

Based on my experience, I know there will be tough times for you too, when things don’t go as you planned. You’ll have questions when you are pursuing or managing deals. Deals can go sideways, even after you close.

These times are going to happen in this business. But if you join Multifamily Launchpad, you will have a whole tribe - me included - there to have your back and help you get to success!

Your Instructor, Jonathan Twombly
Zero to 404 Units In Only 11 Months

Generated 20%+ annualized returns for his investors
Owner of Two Bridges Asset Management LLC
Host of the Real Estate Launchpad Podcast

"My monthly membership community has one mission: 

To make the best multifamily real estate education 
available to as many people as possible."

No Guru Guarantee
No $40,000 coaching programs.
No holding back "the good stuff"
for higher-paying members.
Just honest, high-quality
multifamily real estate investing education
at a fair price.


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