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  • Exactly how to get investors to trust you with their money
  • How to select a property manager you can rely on
  • How to build your own multifamily dream team
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How to Avoid the #1 Reason New Multifamily Investors fail and Gain “Insider” Access To The Most Profitable Deals in Just 30 Days...

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Meet Your Guide,
Jonathan Twombly

I’m Jonathan Twombly, a former Wall Street lawyer who’s been a multifamily real estate investor since 2011.

While building my own portfolio, I became disillusioned with the mentoring programs and information available to new multifamily investors. The more I learned on my own, the more I realized how lacking these sources are.

So I created a program that would encapsulate all that I learned. All the mistakes I made. All the successes I had. The traps I fell into. The stuff I didn’t see coming, because those other resources left me unprepared.

I wanted to create a better, more complete, and more affordable option for the new investors who came behind me. The kind of program I wished was available when I started out: the complete, no-bull/no-hype resource for the most serious up and coming multifamily investors.

What the Experts Are Saying 

As a real estate investor, consultant, and host of a successful real estate podcast, I know the real estate field, and I know a real expert when I see one. I've known Jonathan Twombly since I first got started in this business, and he is the real thing.

Joe Fairless, Host of the Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Podcast

I am impressed with Jonathan's skill and savviness in the multifamily space and I continue to learn from him.

Gino Barbaro, Co-Host of The Wheelbarrow Profits Podcast with Jake & Gino

I wanted to add a Multifamily expert to my podcast because it’s an important topic for my audience to understand. When I thought about who would provide them the best advice, independent of market hype, there was really only one choice - Jonathan Twombly.

Michael Zuber, author and podcast host, One Rental at a Time: The Journey to Financial Independence through Real Estate

[Jonathan] stands out as one of the best multifamily investors, and teachers, in the industry.    

Reed Goossens, podcast host and author, Investing in the U.S.: The Ultimate Guide to U.S. Real Estate

As a former commercial broker and now the owner of 1,300 apartment units, I know real estate investment as well as anyone. You come across few people in this field who really know what they're talking about. Jonathan is one of them.

John Cohen, JC Property Group LLC


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